Our Managed Services complement our software offering. The flexibility of being able to opt for an insource or outsource strategy is something that our customers truly value, particularly when there are fluctuations in their incoming volumes or internal resource.

Given the fact that our own handlers use the same platform as our SaaS customers, the decision to outsource is a simple one to make, as is the change process.

Our Managed Service teams also contribute to the design, development, testing and implementation of our software, which is reflected in the user-friendliness of our products.

We offer the following Managed Services.

Post-room and Data Extraction

We are able to receive claims direct from the market, creating a single type of notification which removes unnecessary variation for SaaS users and our Managed Service teams. There are various levels of service offering and pricing structures that can be adapted to suit your specific needs.

Live Claim Management

Our Managed Service teams deal with a variety of live management tasks They use our technology to seamlessly and effectively communicate with our customers existing supply chains or, as an alternative, are able to utilise the services of our own accredited and well-established partners. Our Managed Service expertise extends to:

  • Credit Hire
  • Protocol Management
  • Bi-lateral Agreements
  • Recoveries & Subrogation

Invoice Analysis, Settlement & Litigation Defence

Our Managed Service teams always aim to settle claims fairly and objectively, either in accordance with accepted protocols or Common Law. Whilst our objective will always be to settle claims pre-litigation, where litigation is unavoidable we have a fully-integrated relationship with a professional firm of legal practitioners, who provide reliable and commercially attractive litigation defence services. This forms part of our overall offering and is priced in line with your specific requirements.

Claims Investigation Services

Fraud has been an increasing problem, both for insurers and many credible CHOs. Data extracted from our business intelligence platform, AskLudo™, has been the prime mover in a number of successful criminal fraud investigations and is complemented by the expertise of our Claims Investigation Unit (CIU), which manages the reporting process.