At Validus we are fully committed to the concept of operating our business in a responsible manner, such that our policies will always aim to promote fair and ethical dealings as a matter of law and of conscience. This applies not only to the way we manage relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our employees, but also in terms of the way we interact with the community.

For our clients this means;

  • That we will sell our services and products responsibly and do our best to be seen as a positive and honest influence within the motor claims industry.

For our suppliers this means;

  • That we will buy responsibly and adopt an ethical approach when dealing with all our service providers.

For the community this means;

  • We appreciate that what we do and the way we do it will at some point have an impact on those around us. The aim of our executive team is therefore to ensure that we manage our activities in a way that creates a sustainable legacy for the business, both in terms of its reputation as a responsible local employer and its contribution to the wider community.

For our employees this means;

  • That we do our best to provide a workplace that is safe, comfortable to work within and conducive with their wellbeing.
  • That we will treat all our employees with respect and strive to offer equality of opportunity and diversity throughout our business operations.
  • We will encourage our employees to come forward without fear of their position and promise to deal with any complaints in an ethical and empathetic manner.

We acknowledge that demonstrating our commitment to CSR is an ongoing task in which we aim to align our business values, purpose and strategy with the social and economic needs of the aforementioned groups. By working together with them and embracing CSR, we are confident that doors to new markets, opportunities and relationships will open, thereby enhancing our competitiveness, our profitability and our commitment to sustainably develop our business in the years to come.

Please download and read our full Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Mike Srokowski