The Validus development team has adopted a 6-phase “Agile” methodology with reviews conducted at strategic points in the process.

The six phases are:

  • Requirements and Analysis – Gather and analyse business, functional and non-functional requirements to create one unambiguous set of requirements.
  • Technical Design – Divide or partition the system into conceptual components and specify their behaviour.
  • Review and Approval – Conduct a formal review of the changes approving and adding to development roadmap.
  • Development – Transform the design into a working system that satisfies all the requirements.
  • Testing – Verify that the completed product/change meets all requirements.
  • Release & Maintenance – Release changes documenting any new enhancements for future iterations.

The development process works to a 4-week iteration cycle to deliver and test new functionality. New releases are usually deployed into production at 1 to 3 month intervals depending on the size and content of the release.